The only drumstick that combines a drumstick and a shaker to create that unique shaker sound all in one drumstick! Jazz, Rock, Progressive, Hip-Hop, Latin or Unplugged Shakerstix the drumstick no drummer should be without!

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With our new Patented Shakerstix™ design, drummers now have the freedom to play as they would with traditional drumsticks while adding that shaker sound all in one stick! The entire line of Shakerstix™ drumsticks were created to give every drummer or percussionist the ability to add that smooth, rhythmic shaker sound to their playing style without sacrificing creativity. Whether it be Jazz, Rock, Progressive, Hip-Hop, Latin or “Unplugged," Shakerstix™ is the one stick no drummer should be without!
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We are currently seeking global dealers who would like to carry
our entire line of
Shakerstx™ drumsticks
Our Artist Relations Department is continually looking for new artists that will provide exposure for Shakerstix™ in a high profile environment
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